Just my type

JUST MY TYPE looks and functions like a book. It has all the structural elements of a book and is created with all the traditional equipment of the letterpress printer and bookbinder. I wanted to create both a useful tool and a beautiful art object.

I often find myself thinking about what typeface/ font/ point size to use in my letterpress printing. Computer mock-ups are never quite the same as printing with cast metal and wood type. I wanted actual printed examples (type samplers) of the different fonts and point sizes for each typeface.

I needed to create a folded paper structure that would present the sampler cards in a way they could be removed and returned, seen and yet protected. Then I read Hedi Kyle’s new book, Art of the Fold, and saw a variety of pocket accordion structures.

Monique Lallier’s New Oriental binding seemed the perfect way to bind the modified pockets which I had sewn on to folded stubs of paper (inner spine). The resulting book displays a range of type samplers when either lying on its substantial spine or standing with the aid of the leather covered boards.


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